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Miami Concrete is the premiere concrete contractor for residential concrete jobs in Florida. Our expertise with concrete foundations includes basements, crawl spaces, slab on grade, and retaining walls. With our years of experience in Miami and the surrounding areas, we have the knowledge and tools to make every job a high quality one.

We understand that quality is one of the most important factors of a newly built home. You don’t want sub-par materials and craftsmanship as it will quickly begin to show as the years go by. Therefore, the home’s foundation is especially crucial because it is the main support and structure for the home. To prevent future issues like foundation settlement or cracking, the correct concrete preparation and pouring process is crucial.

We follow a detailed procedure with each project to make sure the end result is the highest quality and has lasting durability. A solid foundation can guarantee your home will have a secure and solid concrete foundation for many years to come.

We keep up with the latest advances in concrete technology to continue to offer the best concrete products at affordable rates. Here are just a few projects we have done in the past:

Concrete Foundations

Poured Basements

Concrete Crawl Spaces

Foundation Walls

Exterior Concrete Structures


Poured Pilings

Poured Structural Beams

A poured concrete foundation highly beneficial for a new home, especially in south Florida. Concrete slabs provide strong water resistance and high tensile strength. Concrete foundations require less maintenance than traditional timber crawl spaces.

Miami Concrete can handle any and all residential concrete projects. Anything from foundations or driveways to a decorative patio or floor, and even sidewalks and walkways. When you need a residential concrete company you can trust to give you a quality result while keeping cost low, we are the one to call.

We take the preparation process very seriously because that’s where your concrete project starts. Once poured, our concrete finishers will work quickly and efficiently to level your concrete surface and assure that everything is in place so it can set properly. By following our strict procedures on every residential concrete project, success is guaranteed.

With a wide variety of materials and methods, we can deliver the highest quality product at the most economical price.

We’re here to help, so we can even make recommendations on materials or colors; whatever you need to make your project successful. We also offer customized concrete solutions for a more decorative look, with stamped, stained, and acid washed concrete finishes to match your budget and style.

No matter how big or small the project, customer service is priority number 1. Your satisfaction is the only way our job is really complete. We aren’t finished until you say we are.

Call Miami Concrete today for your custom residential concrete project.

We will provide an in-person estimate and offer you the most efficient solution. Serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.