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Residential and Commercial Concrete In Miami

We are Miami’s premiere concrete contractor serving Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We have experience pouring concrete in all different settings: foundations, patios, driveways, walkways, commercial buildings, industrial complex, parking garages, underwater pilings and piers and even marge scale structural beams. We work to uphold a stellar reputation in and around Miami as the top concrete contractor in Florida.

We can handle any project, big or small. We give the same excellent customer service and attention to detail no matter what the job. We are committed to customer service and we work hard to surpass your expectations.

We give free in-person estimates, so we can get a feel for the scope of the job and talk with you about your vision for the project. We keep up with the latest technological advances in concrete and masonry work, which allows us to cut costs while still delivering the highest quality results.

We are licensed and insured, and always make sure to stick to state and county building codes. We understand that your job is an investment, and often times serves as the foundation of a home or commercial structure. We work closely with structural engineers to make sure our finished product meets or exceeds building requirements.

We’re proud to be considered one of Florida’s Best Concrete Contractors. If you have a concrete project in the near future, or just want to talk about your dreams, callus today and we’ll see what we can do to bring your vision to life.

Concrete Services Offered

Luxury concrete driveway on a home in Miami Florida
Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are a very economical, durable and low maintenance option for any home or business. It gives a great first impression to visitors and customers when you have a fresh, clean driveway leading to your property. Concrete driveways can also be stamped or stained, and even coated with epoxy to enhance durability and water resistance.

If your driveway has seen better days or you are building a new structure and want to know all your options, call us today. We offer the highest quality concrete driveways at the most competitive prices. We can offer a variety of colors and shapes to further enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your property. Call us today to talk about your next driveway project. You can be sure we will exceed your expectations.

miami home with concrete patio
Concrete Patios

When you want to upgrade the landscape on your property and also create a great space for entertaining, consider adding a concrete patio. Let us help you transform your backyard space into a place where your friends and family want to come and create memories of birthdays, summer barbecues, and holiday celebrations. We’ve done many patio and backyard projects, so If you need some great ideas to spark your imagination, we can help!

A backyard space isn’t complete without some type of concrete pad to arrange your outdoor kitchen, grill, fireplace, patio furniture or even an outdoor TV. Let us make your space a backyard oasis by giving you the foundation to build on.

Concrete Pool Decks

Miami Concrete takes the hard work out of making your pool a summer oasis. We offer pool deck repair and installation for all shapes and sizes of inground pools. Not only will it look great, it will also add value to your home instantly! Transform your pool into an island paradise by adding an elegant pool deck.

Concrete pool decks are very durable and low maintenance. Cleaning it is simple, and textures can be added for slip resistance around the wet pool areas. You also have the option to stamp your concrete for a more decorative look. The options are endless. Concrete lasts much longer than traditional wood decks, and are much more cost effective.

Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

A new concrete sidewalk or walkway can immediately brighten up the exterior of your home. It gives nice contrast to your landscaping, and adds lean lines along the grass and perimeter of your home. We can customize your walkway to fit into your overall design, with a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures to match any style.

Compliment your landscaping by adding a new sidewalk or concrete pathway in your yard today. You’d be surprised how affordable an elegant walkway can be! And the benefits are long lasting and durable walkway you can enjoy for years to come.

Concrete Flooring

Whether you need a new concrete floor for your home or business or your existing floor is in need of repairs, call Miami Concrete and we can get your floor back to like-new condition in no time. Your floors make a huge impression, so why not call us and let us help you bring out the best in your concrete floor. We offer concrete pouring services for any floor, foundation or slab you might need, and we can tailor your floor to any shape and size.

A few options you have when installing a new concrete floor are polished concrete, stamped concrete or even polished concrete coated with epoxy or waterproofing sealer. Whatever you need, we have the solution. We build floors that stand up to heavy wear and tear that are meant to last a lifetime. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions or ideas you have.

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

To ensure your concrete will give you years of durability, it’s important to pay attention and watch for any signs of cracking or imperfections. Sometimes the ground under your concrete can shift, and when it does, the concrete will move with it. Most cracks can be repaired if the damage isn’t too severe. Call us today if you suspect there are cracks and imperfections that need to be addressed in your concrete floor.

Concrete surfaces can also be subject to staining and chipping if not poured properly or if there was heavy duty use of spills that penetrated the concrete. Sometimes it’s not economical to replace concrete when it’s only the surface that needs attention. We offer concrete repair for all your surface imperfections and discoloring.

Stamped Concrete

Make your concrete patio, deck, walkway, or entryway stand out from the traditional concrete look. We can stamp your new concrete with a wide variety of designs that match your style perfectly. There are so many options to choose from that are both stylish and functional.

Great for both commercial and residential applications, stamped concrete is a sure way to make a statement. Stamping is a process that has become widely popular alternative to tile and stone. It’s more economical and lasts longer, as well as being more resistant to cracks and breakage. Call today to discuss your options and make your dream a reality.

Concrete Staining

If your concrete surface is looking dull, let us come out and apply one of our luxurious stained finishes to give your space new life. We use the latest methods to achieve artisan-quality finishes on your floors, wall, and even concrete ceilings. We have the tools and experience to totally transform that boring concrete surface into something amazing.

We know you’ll be absolutely pleased with the result, no matter what look you are after. Whether you want a stained floor for your basement space or just need to polish up that exterior concrete wall, let us help you through the process from start to finish. Our craftsmen have years of experience with different techniques, stains and pigments. We know you’ll love what we can do.

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Concrete Cutting and Polishing

We also offer state of the art concrete cutting and polishing services for all of your commercial and industrial needs. We can handle small jobs that only require a day to finish, or a big project that will take months to complete. We are fully trained in all aspects of concrete cutting, drilling and sawing. Our precision cutting services are the best in town.

And concrete polishing is another feature we offer that can totally change the look of any space instantly. Polished floors give off a feeling of elegance and sophistication that can’t be matched. A finely polished floor is something that just about everyone is sure to notice. Step up your design and add sleek and modern style to any space with a newly polished concrete floor. Polished floors are ideal for commercial and retail applications, industrial complexes and even medical and residential spaces.